Dr. Philippe Kestemont, face and neck surgeon in Nice, France

Aesthetic medicine in Nice – LED treatment

Over time, or depending on the quality of the skin, spots and fine lines appear, marking the features of the face. The LED treatment offered by Dr. Philippe Kestemont, aesthetic surgery and aesthetic medicine in his Nice practice, aims to treat these marks effectively and durably, caused by a variety of factors. LED laser treatment offers a genuine aesthetic and anti-aging solution.

Dr. Philippe Kestemont and Dr. Soraya Sadi answer your questions about Laser treatments!


As a complement other aesthetic and anti-aging treatments such as hyaluronic acid injections, botulinum toxin injections, mesotherapy, peelings or PRP offered by Dr. Philippe Kestemont, Surgeon and Aesthetic Physician in Nice, treatment with Laser LED effectively and durably delays the signs and effects of time.

Before undertaking any LED Laser treatment, Dr Philippe Kestemont, Surgeon and Aesthetic Medicine in Nice will carry out a precise examination of the skin and facial characteristics specific to each patient. This examination will enable him to select the best methods to ensure the most convincing, long-lasting results.

During treatmentDr. Philippe Kestemont, Surgeon and Aesthetic Physician of the face and neck in Nice, applies LED light to the areas to be treated for around twenty minutes, after cleansing the face and removing make-up. The light produced by the LED Laser is then assimilated by the dermis, helping to improve spots, fine lines and redness on the face.

During LED treatment, collagen production is stimulated, as is tissue oxygenation, so skin regains firmness, elasticity and softness. The light produced by the LED Laser gradually and deeply rehydrates the dermis. As a result, skin quality is significantly improved.

The complexion is luminous and the skin more toned thanks to aesthetic and anti-aging treatment with Laser LED.

This is what DOCTOR PHILIPPE KESTEMONT, a specialist in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine of the face and neck, offers you in his practice at the Clinique Esthetique Saint George in Nice.

Number of sessions

To optimize the results of Led treatment, we recommend 5 to 10 sessions spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart.

Thereafter, one maintenance session per month is recommended.

Treatment follow-up

LED Laser treatment is safe and painless, and there are no risks associated with the light emitted by the LED Laser.

Exposure to the sun during treatment is not prohibited.

It’s important to note that the earlier the skin is treated with the benefits of LED Laser, the better the results. This is because the quality and quantity of collagen produced naturally by the body decreases over time. Thanks to the LED Laser treatment offered by Doctor Philippe Kestemont – cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine in Nice, the dermis is revitalized in depth, and natural collagen production is stimulated.