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Principles of the operation

To understand rhinoplasty, you first need to understand the anatomy of the nose. This operation involves modifying the appearance of the nose according to the patient’s precise wishes. This may involve the tip of the nose, the bump on the back of the nose, the size of the nose or its possible deviation.

Dr. KESTEMONT Rhinoplasty

Dr. Philippe Kestemont and Dr. Soraya Sadi answer your questions about rhinoplasty!


New computer techniques allow the patient to participate with the surgeon in the aesthetic choice, thanks to “photo-morphing”.

The consultation begins with a photo session to define a treatment plan based on the patient’s profile. The result is also analyzed by comparing the nose “before” the project and the nose “after”. While the “project” selected has no contractual value of its own, it does guide the practitioner in the type of result desired.

The medical expertise of Dr. Kestemont, aesthetic face and neck surgeon in Nice, and new technologies guide the patient in a project that meets his or her requirements.

Scar position

Nose surgery is usually performed without visible scarring (closed approach: inside nostril), but a complex nose tip may require a small 3 mm scar (open approach). Traces of the operation are totally or virtually invisible.

Male rhinoplasty

Men, too, are increasingly seeking nose harmonization surgery, usually after unsightly deviations linked to past trauma. In some cases, part of the cost may be covered if the surgery is proven to be restorative (CT scan, traces of the accident, etc.).

Very slight anomalies of the nose can be treated without surgery, using injectable and resorbable products that enable a “test” result to be obtained over several months. Remote corrections are sometimes useful at the end of the first post-operative year: these minor touch-ups can compensate for any healing problems and achieve the desired result (5% of cases).

Dr Philippe Kestemont, face and neck surgeon in Nice, France, offers these injections.

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